Vanilla Cold Brew

Vanilla Cold Brew. 500ml (makes 16 drinks) and 1 liter (makes 32 drinks) rich, dark and full bodied blend of coffee and chicory highlighted with all natural vanilla flavor. If it is still to strong, add some more milk or creamer.

SToK Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee, 13.7 Oz.
SToK Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee, 13.7 Oz. from

To make a copycat starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew, follow these simple steps. Vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Pour cold brew into cup.

Pour Chilled Cold Brew Into A Glass Over Ice.

2 pumps of mocha syrup; Pour your water over top of the beans. I like to add enough ice to almost fill the cup.

Press Down The French Press Filter One Last Time And Top Your Cold Brew With The Foam.

The simple syrup recipe makes 8 tablespoons of simple syrup (or 1/2 cup), so feel free to add a little extra simple syrup to each serving depending on your tastes. In a #frenchpress or large mason jar, combine the coffee grinds and water. ♥ 1 tbsp vanilla syrup or creamer (my favorite syrup) ♥ 3/4 c milk.

Assembling The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Drink.

Fresh cold brew available in 2 sizes: Add vanilla syrup to cup. 4 pumps of white mocha syrup;

For The Cold Brew Coffee.

Vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Stir and top with the lid. Leave a little space at the top for the vanilla cold foam.

Ingredients In Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew.

Find out more in my thorough guide on how to make cold brew coffee. Note to use cold or room temperature water and not hot water. If you want to make this coffee recipe even more delicious, you can cold foam the sweet cream to create a fluffy foam that will.

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